12 take-aways from the 2011 Association Media & Publishing Annual Meeting

June 14, 2011

Earlier this month, a few of us attended the Association Media & Publishing Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, and as always, we left with some great ideas.

On Social Media and Digital Content

1. How do you measure social media success? Don’t get hung up on fans/followers—those numbers are relative. Instead, ask yourself, “What do we want to accomplish, and is that happening?”

2. Use digital channels to seed story ideas, gauge feedback, and solicit member-generated content. The speed, flexibility, and opportunity for member feedback can help drive your content creation process.

3. The average life cycle of a tweet is 2 hours. Consider repurposing the best tweets on your homepage to increase their visibility to members.

4. You may already have resources in your community for relevant content. Find out who is blogging about your industry, and encourage them to contribute.

On Advertising

5. Advertisers want to connect with your members. Advise them about what kinds of messages will resonate.

6. Include full-page ads in sponsor packages. Ads breed ads – the investment will pay off in greater interest in your publication.

7. Launching a new product? Before approaching advertisers, be sure you can define the value and show that it’s member-driven.

On Design

8. Design is a tool: Use it to get readers to open your magazine and engage with what’s inside.

9. Be clever and targeted with illustration. Make sure it matches the mood of your magazine.

10. Color has become ubiquitous—sometimes stripping it away can create even more impact.

On Member Engagement

11. Refer to your member publications as “ours.” Always reinforce that all members have ownership.

12. If you publish member-generated content, highlight member involvement by promoting that process in the magazine.

What did you learn at AM&P11?

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