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Perspective from a “New-Bee” at ASAE (buzz, buzz)

Network Media Partners exhibited at The ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition for the first time just a few weeks ago. We had a great first experience in Nashville meeting with current clients and potential new ones at our booth, attending education sessions, and heading out to the (many) networking events!

This was my first Annual Meeting, as both an exhibitor and attendee, and ASAE did a great job of helping me navigate the conference. They designated us first-timers as “new-bees” and created a meeting spot for us in Nashville’s Music City Center called “The Hive”.  Catchy!

Not every conference puts this attention to detail on the new folks, so here are my lessons learned as the “new-bee” for those that need help navigating on their own:

1. Have a Plan:

Heading to an annual meeting, conference, or convention for the first time can be overwhelming, especially when it’s the size of ASAE. It’s important to have a plan! Spending time on the event website or mobile app will help you get a lay of the land and pick a few must-dos. I identified one education session I wanted to attend each day, which gave my schedule each day some structure. By only choosing one must-do, it also gave me the flexibility to listen to where other folks were headed.

As an exhibitor, this becomes even more important as it is likely that your non-expo time is limited. Reach out to clients and prospects before the show and invite them to stop by your booth or schedule time to grab a coffee outside of the hall.

2. Don’t Skip the Networking Events:

Whether it’s stopping by an on-site lounge (like The Hive for first time attendees) or attending a post-show reception, there are many learning and engagement opportunities outside of the expo hall and educations sessions. Attending events gives you the opportunity to build connections with colleagues and peers outside of the traditional business setting of the conference. Prepare yourself for a long day and don’t skip the networking events (or the coffee).

3. Keep it Going:

You just spent 4 action-packed days away from the office – you met tons of new people, and filled your notebook with great ideas from education sessions. Now what? Keep it going!

Did you meet a few people with whom you developed a great connection? Find them on LinkedIn and connect. Did you attend an education session that had you scribbling ideas (or taking pictures of the slides if you’re like me)? Share that session with your team, subscribe to an e-newsletter, or event just bookmark their website or blog for future reading.

Keep the networking and learning going after the event has ended and you’ll feel like those 4 days out of the office were worth the overflowing email inbox.

Did you attend or exhibit at ASAE? Is there a piece of feedback you’d give to a first timer? Leave it in the comments!

Brittany Shoul,  Sales Manager,  Network Media Partners.

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We’ve Got Some Bright Ideas about Digital Publishing

Is your association considering a digital publication? Are you wondering whether to simply repackage your print piece or create something completely different? Is it time to go digital-only?

There are a lot of questions to consider before you can press the button to launch your first digital magazine. Network Media Partners has many of those answers in the first issue of our new magazine, Bright Ideas, available now for iPad.



The issue focuses on how to create a top-notch digital publication. You’ll find some great insights about how readers are accessing content, learn when it’s right to use push notifications, understand the strategy needed behind any great publication, and get an interactive view of how to combine print and digital production schedules.

Not on your iPad? When you get there, search “Network Media Partners” in your iPad App Store, then select “Bright Ideas.”

After you’ve had a chance to check it out, please drop us a note and tell us what you think. And when you’re ready to take you association publication into the tablet world, we’d be happy to show you how to get there.

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Beyond the PDF Q&A

Designing for the digital platform is certainly a hot topic! Following last week’s Folio webinar, we received a number of questions about creating digital publications and designing content. Creative Director Jen Smith answers them here.

Q: Are there best practices in terms of interaction, as far as clicking off to external links, versus using tooltips inside the digital edition?

A: For Matrix, we do include a lot of links to external places, either PDFs or URLs. We try to send readers only to the AHDI web site or a PDF that’s housed on the AHDI server. We don’t want to send readers all over the place. That said, I think there’s definitely something to be said for keeping the reader inside the publication. So anything kind of interactivity you can build within the pages, in my opinion, is the best way to go. If you have a video on your web site, for example, it’s easy enough to grab that file and embed it in the page of the digital book.

Q: Does the online version of a magazine need to have the same content as the print version? Or — how much can be different?

A: We make a magazine that is published in both print and in digital format. The content is very similar. The digital edition includes extra audio or video and sometimes includes additional, completely new content that’s not in print. We almost always include a feature that is available in the digital edition only. Often the additional content that’s in the digital edition is just more of what was in print. More news items, for example. We also will run larger infographics, ones that take too much space in print, in the digital edition.

I really think that if you want a digital edition that people are interested in, it needs to offer more than what’s offered in print. That does take extra work, but not a ton of extra work. Many people have wondered if they need a whole new person to handle the multimedia and extra functionality of a digital edition. I don’t necessarily think you need additional “human bandwidth,” especially if you have people working with material that runs on your site, for example. Just takes some extra planning.

Q: With the new PDF security concerns, how likely is it that future readers would be willing to “click through” on PDF content?

All of the links (to URLs or to PDFs) in our digital edition are directed to our web site. We won’t ever send a reader on a wild ride around the internet or link to a PDF that we haven’t created ourselves. Not just for reasons of safety. We want our readers to stick with us because we value their commitment to us and we want to keep them engaged with us.

Want to see the webinar? Find the archive here.

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