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Beyond the PDF

Last week, Creative Director Jen Smith offered insights on creating and presenting content in a digital publication during a Folio webinar, along with Marcus Grimm of NxtBook Media. Here are some of the important take-aways from that session:

“You’re still making a magazine. Except that you’re not.”

Don’t forget what you’re here to do—and that is to make a magazine.  All of the good ideas you have as a magazine editor or designer are still good ideas. Just find new ways to execute them to make them right for the medium.

“Rethink how to communicate with your audience.”

Editors need to think like visual communicators. That’s not a new concept, but it is more important in this medium in a number of ways. Ask yourself what your content would be if you could only present it using infographics. What would your magazine look like?

“You can do it on the cheap.”

Creating a digital publication with plenty of functionality is not expensive. First, have an idea. Then, figure out the best, most effective and most cost-effective way to execute.

“Allow for as much functionality as you can.

For us, allowing readers to zoom in to text gives them better control over their reading experience. The pages are designed so that there isn’t a need to zoom.  But then again, the type size you choose may not be larger enough for everyone. Don’t take away that option.

“If it looks like you can click on it, it better click.”

We’ve trained ourselves over time to identify symbols and shapes that are asking us to interact with them. Don’t include this kind of design element if it’s not functional as well.

“There’s a difference between interactive and dynamic.”

Readers prefer content that is interactive. Moving objects tend to distract, especially if they serve no genuine purpose. By making content interactive, you force the reader to engage…and better yet, you make them want to engage.

“Constantly evolve.”

As long as you stay grounded in your mission and our content, you can continually experiment and try new things.

Want to see the webinar? Find the archive here.

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DigitalNow: 5 take aways from a first timer

DigitalNow is in full swing this week. 300+ association professionals and a small group of industry partners have gathered to share ideas, concerns, and excitement about the innovative ideas impacting organizations. Much of the focus is on mobile. Not a new buzz word for the industry, but applying its potential is top of mind for almost everyone. Looking at the nearly 100 take aways from today, a few top concepts really stood out.

1. Meetings apps are a must – NOW – not 2012 or 2013. Check out the app for DigitalNow. Nice video intro – short and sweet. Attendee and speaker roster is awesome for pre and post show preparation. Love the concept of capturing user generated audio and video testimonials. One downside was that many attendees launched the app during the opening session and because of the audio component there were many frantic hands trying to find the silence button on their phone or iPad.

2. Opening session with Tomi Ahonen gave some great insight on how pervasive the mobile market is. The average person checks their phone 150 times per day; commerce for the mobile market is going to explode and take user engagement and monetization to the next level.

3. SMS (text)  messaging is here. Not just for personal communication, but for business communication, marketing, and much more. Check out Acronym’s recent post. It’s time to develop a plan for your association to collect and protect cell phone numbers and information. Think about how SMS can be used effectively at a meeting to drive last minute registrations or changes in schedules. Maybe a better starting place is looking at your organizational strategy and determining where SMS can fit in.

4.  People have extremely high technology expectations. This includes members and employees. Associations and the businesses that work with associations need to manage and deliver on these expectations.

5. Sponsorship Idea! If members are attending your events and meetings with one, two, three mobile devices in hand, they are going to need power to stay connected through the day. Sell sponsored charging stations at your next conference. Locate them in the meeting and break out rooms where attendees can learn, share and plug in all at the same time.

Carrie Hartin, Chief Operating Officer

You can follow Carrie at DigitalNow on Twitter at @CJHartin.

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Meet Bob Rupp, Credit and Traffic Manager

I love the working environment at Network. Egos are checked at the door. bob_rupp

What do you do?

I manage the Credit/Collection and Traffic departments. On the collection side we work to maximize cash flow while minimizing bad debts. Our goal in Traffic is to maintain the standard of excellence in delivering our products and services that our clients have come to expect.

How do you spend your down time?

Spending time with family and friends is at the top of my list. I also enjoy activities that expose me to new experiences not encountered in my daily routine, such as traveling and reading.

Most challenging or rewarding experience?

I am most proud of the fact that my team and I are successfully protecting our clients’ cash flow during these difficult economic times.

Motto to live by?

Live in the present moment and find the positive in every situation!

How would you describe yourself?

Self-motivated, solution-oriented, and easygoing. I enjoy being around people, sharing ideas and experiences.

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