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If you didn’t already know…Network is one of Baltimore’s top places to work

Top Work Places 2015 logoWe made the list!  Network Media Partners was just named one of the “Top Workplaces” in the Baltimore metro area by The Baltimore Sun Media Group in 2015.

The Sun partnered with Workplace Dynamics, a firm specializing in employee surveys and workplace improvement, to create the list. To identify the organizations that meet Workplace Dynamic’s top workplace standards, they ultimately went directly to employees to get the scoop. Based on responses of 1,274 organizations initially invited to participate, just 174 made it to the employee survey stage. From that group, Workplace Dynamics selected 100 as 2015’s top places to work.  Next, those organizations were broken out by size – small, medium and large. Network ranked 53rd in our category.

Just making the list is an achievement. It is even more impressive when we put that in perspective in our industry. Of the 100 firms listed, Network is one of just three organizations who serve the association space, and similarly, is one of two organizations within the publishing industry. We are honored to represent these two important fields so prominently in our home city.

“Carrie and I are really proud of our team here at Network” said Chip Boyce, President.  “We expect a lot from this group so it is very rewarding to see that our employees value the commitment we have to the business and their success. This tells us that being in a place where your manager cares about you and your career growth is highly valued in today’s workplace.”

Here is the full list of organizations by category – large (400+ employees), medium (150-399), and small (35-149) who specialize in everything from education, finance, hospitality, to IT.

Read our profile to see what Networkers had to say about our organization.

In 2014, Network was named Top Places to Work in Media by Folio: magazine. Here’s what our colleagues had to say about our culture then.

Thinking about joining us? Take a look at our available positions.

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Network’s design talents and company culture honored at Folio Awards

Folio magazine honored Network Media Partners for the second year in a row this past Thursday, December 11 with awards and nominations in three different categories: Standalone Digital Magazine, Overall Design, and App Design. Separately, Folio named Network one of the Top Places to Work in Media.

Among the three nominations and listing as one of the Top Places to Work, Network also came away with two wins. We received the award for best Association / Non-Profit (B-to-B) – Standalone Digital Magazine – 6 or more Issues for Middle Market Growth Magazine. The Folio team also acknowledged our design team’s work with a win in the Association / Non-Profit (B-to-B) – App (Magazine Replica) – 6 or more Issues category for T+D Magazine app.

“It feels great to be recognized by our peers for our work in digital publishing,” said Jen Smith, creative director. “We are thrilled to accept these awards along with our publishing partners.”

                  MMG_Tweet TD_Magtweet

After nominations and honorable mentions in these categories at the 2013 Folio Awards, it was particularly exciting for our Chief Operating Officer Carrie Hartin to accept these awards on behalf of our stellar design department: “It was a true honor to be able to represent two of our clients as well as our entire staff at the Folio Eddie & Ozzie Awards. We look to find shared relationships that allow us to deliver an exceptional product for the association members. This has been an exciting way to close out the 2014 year.”

In particular, Network is proud of our nod as one of the Top Places to Work in Media. Acknowledgement of what we know to be an encouraging and collaborative company culture is especially rewarding! In case you missed it, see why our team loves working and growing at Network.

Thank you again to Folio for these hard-earned awards, nominations, and recognitions! We look forward to what 2015 will bring.

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Network named Top Place to Work in Media by Folio Magazine

Insiders have known for a long time that Network is a special place to work but it is incredible to be recognized by the editors of Folio Magazine as one of the Top Places to Work in Media.

topplaces As part of the competition, Folio searched for media companies that foster and value a positive work environment by prioritizing personal growth, encouraging advancement and diversity of opinion and putting a premium on effort, collaboration and recognition. Network is listed among 18 media companies in this inaugural award recognition from Folio. Network is the only organization on the list that exclusively serves the association community.  For a full list of honored organizations, visit Folio.

To help us celebrate, we asked our fellow colleagues to tell us why Network is their top place to work:

With the excellent training and support from sales managers, Network Media Partners has helped me grow professionally to develop the skills needed to succeed in my career. —Allison Zippert, account executive

I can say that from the second I stepped in Network’s door to interview, I could tell from the office atmosphere and employee smiles that Network would be a fantastic place to work. Since I’ve started in late August, this has only proven true. Everyone is extremely welcoming and helpful, and I have a consistent feeling of gratitude to work here. The design team is constantly looking for new ways to improve their skill set, share insights and develop as creative professionals. Working with a team that cares very much about creative development, works tirelessly to design effective, well-executed and beautiful works, and strives to collaborate as a team – has made me realize the importance of good company culture, which is set as a high priority here at Network. I look forward to collaborating on many great projects in the future! —Laura Walter, graphic designer

I love Network because of the way we collaboratively work together, from senior management to the newest employee, without anyone tripping over their ego.  Everybody’s opinion is taken seriously and we rise and fall as team! —Bob Rupp, traffic and credit manager

The executive staff does a great job of putting employees first without sacrificing the client’s needs, by making themselves available to lend a hand no matter what the circumstance is – and they do it in a positive way so there’s no awkward tension or feeling that you’ve failed because you had to ask for help. It’s a positive environment in general. —Meredith Schwartz, account executive

Network hires people with positive attitudes. Network actively encourages staff input towards problem solving and achieving corporate goals. Network fosters teamwork across departments by teaching staff what the other departments are trying to achieve. Never underestimate the value of winning. It is FUN to win. Our multi-decade record of consistent growth and success makes it fun to come to work every day. I worked at 7 firms before joining Network almost 20 years ago. Network has been and is a place that I like coming to each day. —Jim Cooke, chief information officer and director of accounting

Upper management sets the tone by treating people with respect and kindness, always being 100% full of integrity, and having clear goals for Network as a whole and for each employee. Network employees know that we rise as a team which means that there is no stepping on other’s toes to get ahead. And Network is fun! We keep things light as much as possible while working hard to reach our goals. —Megan Lebo, assistant traffic manager

To me this announcement (and nomination for TD in my case) just goes to show how far a team effort can truly go. So much effort and hard work goes into everything we do, whether it be within our sales team, design, or marketing team. I think what makes us such a great organization is that everyone not only does their part, but we are always willing to help one another and give constructive criticism when needed. The atmosphere in our office is so supportive, and the amount of creativity within our team seems endless. We are always coming up with new ideas and solutions to better our sales tactics and designs. —Kelsy Stone, graphic designer

Network is my top place to work because the managers give the perfect mix of support and high expectations – where sales staff can feel a high level of autonomy while also feeling like we can always get help on tough questions. I also love that each of the sales staff works on different accounts, so that we can really support each other and help develop one another’s skills without feeling like it will negatively affect our own sales. I always feel safe here. —Alyssa Blackwell, account executive

[I value] the ability to set up a flexible or nonstandard schedule, to accommodate each employee’s individual situation – it’s not “one size fits all.” That’s been really important for me over the past few years, and it’s cool to see more and more colleagues taking advantage of it too! —Austin Stahl, art manager

Thirteen years in, I can definitely say I never imagined how rich my future would be when I took a job as an Account Executive–Media Sales way back in September of 2001. Primarily, Network has allowed me to create my own role and vision for how my skill set can best support our company wide goals and strategies. As my talents and skills have evolved, so have my responsibilities at Network, which makes the job new and refreshed each year. I have had the ability to create a workload and corresponding schedule that works for 40-year-old me versus 27-year-old me. I love that we are not a “one size fits all” work environment. I feel that we really work to honor and reward each contributing individual who earns that consideration. I’ve learned so much about the work done in other departments (design, marketing, events, operations) which has contributed to my greater understanding of business in general and the media field in particular. I’ve established long term, meaningful relationships with both co-workers and clients which help me to truly feel and understand the impact of our work; I therefore place greater importance on what I do for a living and don’t see it as “just a paycheck.”
—Shannon Reid, vice president, sales

Summing it up with this: I get to do what I love every day. And with talented, passionate people.

—Heather Winkel, art director

I love our new building and my work space. I love the flexibility our company allows with our work schedules. I enjoy working independently but also knowing if I need instruction/assistance/answers they are readily available.
—Stephanie Frank, senior traffic coordinator

My first day started as an intern almost 13 years ago.  I knew from that first day that this was a very special place. A place where everyone supports each other while working together to ensure the success of our partners and clients. A place where hard work truly does pay off in the form of success and opportunity. There’s no place I can imagine working than Network.  I can’t wait for the next 13 years!
—Jeff Rhodes, vice president, sales

Everyone at Network wants you to succeed — “it takes a village” really applies here! Each department is working towards the common goal of exceeding the expectations of our clients. It feels good to know I have a village behind me each day as I tackle a new project or challenge.
—Brittany Shoul, sales manager

Honesty, Integrity, Ethical. Those characteristics start at the top (Chip), and flow throughout the company.
—Terri Wood, traffic coordinator

Being recognized by Folio as one of the “Top Places To Work In Media” is quite an honor. I’m sure that anyone at NMP will tell you that the principle reason is the great group of people that work here. Everyone of my coworkers—from top to bottom—are just the nicest people you could ever work with!
—Stuart Greenwell, graphic designer


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