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Take your 2015 event to the next level with these 5 tips

At Convening Leaders earlier this month, meeting planners were inspired to “make no little plans” for themselves or their projects. The underlying theme throughout the sessions was that events are moving beyond “attendance” to “participation.” Attendees want to feel like they are part of something. Lucky for us, we felt like we walked away with some new plans after attending.

Here are our top 5 takeaways:

1.  Throw your old event surveys out and start fresh! While it may be tempting to pull up last year’s and just change a few items (such as the date!), it is worth taking the time to start fresh and make sure that the survey is built to capture the view that you and your stakeholders need most.

2.  You can have a compelling marketplace experience without an expo hall. Product theatres, demonstration areas, and kiosks that are well staffed can lead to a dynamic marketplace environment without the standard 10×10. Pulling this off requires a shifting of both mindsets and expenses from both the host organization and the vendor community.

3.  It’s time to get innovative without the additional expense – frugal approaches work. How can you repurpose the resources you already have to create an even better experience for your attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and other stakeholders?

4.  Events no longer appear in a single time and space. The moment someone tweets, your event has become hybrid whether you like it or not! Be prepared for this by having someone on your team ready to monitor and respond as needed.

5.  Every session, room configuration, and sequence of events orchestrated by the host organization can (and should) feed into the theme of the event to make it memorable.

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- Network Media Partners Event Team

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Introducing Middle Market Growth Magazine

MMGlarge1Network Media Partners is very proud to introduce Middle Market Growth, the all-new, all-digital publication of the Association for Corporate Growth. The magazine made its debut in April in interactive tablet and desktop formats, reflecting ACG’s dedication to being on the cutting edge for its members.

“There really is nothing quite as exciting and terrifying as creating and launching a new magazine,” says Christine Melendes, CAE, vice president, communications & marketing, for the Association for Corporate Growth. “There is no half-way. We were ‘all in’ from the start because we recognized the tremendous opportunity to tell our members’ story and advocate on behalf of the middle market.”

Each issue includes a wealth of information about what ACG’s members are doing and about the issues that are important to them. There also is a “growth story” on every cover that takes an in-depth look at how private equity is fueling expansion and success for one particular company or industry. Various multimedia elements, such as videos, podcasts and photo galleries, appear throughout Middle Market Growth to enhance the reader’s experience.

Many months in the making, this publication has been a true partnership of ACG and Network Media Partners, extending from market research to editorial and design development to publishing on a monthly frequency.

“Developing a new magazine is always a thrilling experience, and to make a new magazine specifically for a digital audience brings a number of interesting challenges and decisions to conquer,” says Jen Smith, creative director of Network Media. “We are excited to see ACG’s publication take flight and the successes it’s seen in the first few months.”

To download an issue of Middle Market Growth, search for “Association for Corporate Growth” in the iTunes or Google Play store, or visit

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The digital platform decision

You’ve made the decision to publish your content digitally, but now you’re faced with another question: How? A wide variety of vendors offer technology built for digital publishing, and it seems a new contender appears nearly every day. Which option is best? It all depends on your needs, of course.

Some things to consider:

  • Do you prefer an app-based or browser-based solution? Apps can offer more features, while browser-based publications can be simpler to create.
  • If you’re interested in publishing in app form, should you focus only on the iPad? Or does your audience also require support for Android devices?
  • Are you prepared to take advantage of the advanced features of HTML5? If not, support for this evolving technology won’t be as important.
  • How deeply involved do you want your publication team to be? Some solutions allow for greater in-house control, but require more technical expertise; others involve outsourcing more of the workflow to a vendor.

BrightIdeas_downloadNowFor side-by-side comparisons of several popular digital platform options, download the first issue of Bright Ideas on your iPad.

Search “Network Media Partners” in your iPad App Store, then select “Bright Ideas.”

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